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Tractor Repairs

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  Here we are checking the axle surface, as a flat plane must be established in order to clamp to milling machine.       A jig was made to aide in clamping the large axle to the milling machine.            
  Now that the jig and axle are in place the dial indicator will tell us how mouch out of round the axle hole is. A miniature 2 inch jack will keep the axle level during the milling process  

These are the bushing inserts we fabricated. The next two pictures shows the axle after it was bored, then with the kind pin seats, seals
and inserts installed in the axle.

  Here you see the planetary hubs with new seals and bearings. We also installed a new pinion seal and pivot bushing in the differential housing, and we will be installing new planetary gear assembly  
  We installed new universal joints in the drive shafts with the aid of the vise, and then we used the hydraulic press to finish inserting the bearing cups.  

Now that the first step of the assembly process is completed, the differential housing is installed with the help of the overhead hoist.

Before the axle was installed back on the tractor we protected it with a couple coats of Ford Blue tractor paints.