1939 Farmall H

This antique Farmall H tractor had just received an engine overhaul, a used differential housing, and front axle, so Kuhn’s Equipment Repair will be finishing the job for the gentleman from Nicholson, Pennsylvania.

The front axle was a real challenge, but the person many years ago whose solution for the problem inherent to Farmall tractors with wide front ends, saved it from a fate of destruction. He welded the front spindle arms to the spindle. This welding prevented the steering arms from moving back and forth, wearing on the keyways.

Once the arm was removed from the spindle, the arms were welded up, and then it was ground back to its original shape. JB weld was used in the keyways to hold it once again together. This will bond these tractor parts together and continue to preserve the front end stability of this tractor.

This 1939 Farmall tractor needed a new battery box, wiring harness, gauges, the front “Farmall” emblem, a push/pull switch and finally the original Farmall H rail seat was recoved by K & M Seats. This seat frame was in good condition, with no rust, so it was requested that they make sure that we receive back the tractor’s original seat.

We were getting some wet snow here in New York, but Kevin did not mind braving the elements to get his parts cleaned.

The tractor was sandblasted, primed and sanded. The grill was straightened, and then the entire tractor was painted with International Red Rouge paint. Finally, a coat of gloss was sprayed to keep the tractor from getting that chalky looking paint.