Ford 5000

We were contacted by Mr. Larry Pruss to come pick up an Oliver 770 from his home in PA. The tractor is a 1959 with the SN We were 82,721. Larry wanted us to do some repair and a paint job on the tractor. A lot of labor was put into this tractor. The following is a partial list of the work completed: we did a recore on the radiator, the seat belt brackets were welded, new cushions were put on as well as new front and rear tires and wheel bolts. New seals were put in the rear axle. The tie rod end and tube were replaced. A new cluster gauge was added. We also rebuilt the grill screens. A complete new hiring harness was installed. The Oliver came to us with an electronic ignition but it had issues with the voltage so the ignition was removed and we installed points instead. There were oil pressure issues that needed to be repaired. The old readings were 10 psi @ idle and 25 psi @high rpm. The oil was changed to a heavier oil and was rechecked. It now ran at 10 psi @hot idle and 30 psi hot high rpm. Rod bearings were installed and the “stop” in the governor linkage was fixed. Next came the painting! It took 86+ hours to do the paint job. We used 15 cups of primer and lacquer thinner to get started. We then used 5 quarts of Oliver Meadow Green paint and 1 quart of of Oliver Clover White paint. Then we used 7.5 quarts of clearcoat and hardener.