1939 Ford 9N SN 4957

In 2015 we restored a 1939 Ford 9N serial number of #4957 that was brought to our shop with the Ford 8N (in the first picture the 9N is on the left). The owner is from Clifton, NJ and he is a collector of old Ford tractors. The 9N first came into production in 1939 and the serial number plate is located on the left side of the engine block just behind the oil filter.

The restoration of this old antique tractor was quite extensive starting with rebuilding the engine. The block was cracked, however, the customer wanted to have it repaired since it had the early serial number. Welding cast iron can be very difficult and is not a task for an un-experienced welder. Bob heater the block by setting it on the wood furnace to get the temperature up to approximately 200 degrees. He then welded it right next to the furnace door and put it back when the temperature had dropped. After welding, he coated his welds with 60/40 solder to fill the pin holes. The oil pump, governor, starter, and carburetor were all rebuilt. A new wiring harness was installed and the radiator was re-cored, (Notice in the picture the early radiator has an 8” wide top tank and the radiator hose is different. It is also mounted differently from a later 9N.) We replaced the transmission seals, tie rod ends, brakes & seals, and a new brake pedal bushing. Many other repairs and parts were also repaired or replaced and finally, the fuel tank was cleaned and lined.

This antique Ford 9N had the original 32” rims. Once again it was decided to repair the original rims. 16 + hours were spent just needle scaling, sandblasting, and welding 18-gauge steel strips onto the inside of the rims then ground smooth. It then took another 30 + hours to fiberglass, bondo, prime, sand, paint, and clear the rims and hubs. Finally, new 9.5-32 tires were installed. Replacement fender skins and the fuel cover were installed. Bob had never seen fenders on any Ford tractor with as many rivets as this tractor had. The replacement fuel cover on the hood was the same as the original being that it snapped in rather than being hinged. The battery box was repaired before sandblasting all the sheet metal. The tractor was sanded and primed, then painted with the Ford dark gray paint followed by a clear coat. When all was said and done the tractor looked fantastic.

The two Ford 9Ns in this picture went home together. The 9N on the right with the polished aluminum horizontal grill is the tractor in this story. The 1940 Ford 9N SN 30551 with the vertical grill was restored the year before.