1946 John Deere H

This Johnny Popper was picked up in Herkimer, New York, and is owned by the son of the original owner. For the last 30 years, it had been stored in a barn. The John Deere H was a versatile tractor, popular with the small farmer and was also handy on the larger farms, performing lightweight jobs economically.

The two-cylinder engine was stuck in place, however, by prying on the flywheel, it loosened up fairly easily. After replacing the broken crankshaft oil lines, and changing the oil & filter, this two-cylinder dyno tested at 17 hp.

This particular John Deere H came with many options, including hydraulics, the original cylinder still attached, but we removed, PTO, electric start, and lights. The original starting stub shaft and steering wheel were still intact, but the lights were not present. We rebuilt the carburetor, welded new rear rims on the wheel centers, replaced all the tires all around, and repaired the starting and charging system.

The tractor tin was in good condition, so the body repairs will be minimal on this small John Deere. After taping the gauges, wheels and muffler, the whole tractor was primed and sanded.

The yellow was applied first, covered and the tractor was primed again with a tinted primer. Once again, the tractor is sanded, then it is ready for painting.