Farmall 856

This is an older restoration, as I am trying to get more of our restorations up for viewing

This is a Farmall 856 tractor that was used on a dairy farm in Delaware County New York that we restored quite a few years ago. The owner is a passionate Antique Tractor Puller at our Chenango and Delaware County Fairs and enjoyed many first place runs.

This tractor was in good mechanical condition, but some minor repairs were needed before the painting could start.

The fuel line seals on the injection pump were replaced along with MCV valve seals, engine oil cooler seals, rear main and transmission seals. A new head gasket, clutch, flywheel a 1000 RPM PTO shaft and finally the front and center wiring harnesses were replaced

This Farmall 856 antique tractor has an M&W Turbo Kit installed. We dyno tested this tractor at 110 hp (10% above the specifications). These turbo kits are once again available for sale at for the 806 and 856 tractors. We dyno test a majority of the tractors that come thru our shop as it will show the weaknesses and strengths the tractor has.

The paint on the tractor was in good shape, so with a good sanding over entire tractor, it was sprayed with red primer, sanded again, then followed up with a layer of 2 part Red Rouge paint (paint code 2150) and a coat of clear

if you are interested in having your favorite tractor restored and have questions, contact Kuhn's Equipment and Tractor Repair Services in Oxford, NY. We only use the best quality parts available.