ABC378 Combination Rear Light Reflector

ABC378 Combination Rear Light Reflector
ABC378 Combination Rear Light ReflectorABC378 Combination Rear Light Reflector Back Side
Price: $21.99
Item Number: ABC378

ABC378 Combination Rear Light Reflector

Case - Fits: VA, VAC, VAC-11, VAC-12, VAC-13, VAC-14, VAH, VAI, VAIW, VAIW-3, VAO, VAO-15, VAS, 300B (Early)

Cockshutt - Fits: Co-Op with Buda Over Head Valve Engine: E3, E4, E5, Co-Op with Continental F124: E2,

Cockshutt: 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 550, 560, 570; Replaces: T12763

International / Farmall - Fits: A, AV, B, BN, C, Cub, H, HV, I4, I6, I9, ID6, ID9, M, MD, MDV, MV, O4, O6, ODS6, OS4, OS6, Super A, Super A-1, Super AV, Super AV-1, Super C, Super H, Super HV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MDV-TA, Super MTA (Diesel), Super MTA, Super MV, Super MVTA, Super W4, Super W6, Super W6TA, Super W9, Super WD6, Super WD6TA, Super WD9, Super WDR9, T4, T5, TD5, W4, W6, W9, WD6, WD9, WDR9, WR9S, 100, 130, 200, 230, 330, 600, 650, Cub LoBoy: Cub Loboy, Farmall: 300, 350, 400, 450,

International: 300, 350, 400, Wheatland: 400, 450; Replaces: 356590R91

Fits John Deere - A (sn 477000 - 583999), [ AO, AR (sn 272000 and up) ], B (sn 96000 - 200999), D (sn 186752 and up), G (sn 13000 - 25999), H (sn 27000 and up); Replaces: AA4924R

Fits our lights IHS473, IHS455, JDS475, JDS476, JDS318V6, JDS318V12, JDS466 & JDS467 tailights.

Also fits original lights.

Measures 4-1/2" diameter housing (or 4-3/4" over the curve of the lens).

Can be used with 6 or 12 volt bulbs. Includes the red dot assembly with pigtails for both bulbs and a 12 volt bulb inside of the red dot assembly