Ferguson TO20

Here is the biography of a 1952 Ferguson TO20 tractor restoration, completed in 2010

Brought to us from Pennsylvania. This tractor was running, to say the least. It was somewhat in a state of disrepair and neglect. As you read through the story, you will see how much patience, care, and attention to detail we put into this and every restoration at Kuhn’s Equipment Repair.

We hope you enjoy the story.

As with many restorations, you never know what you’re going to find, once you take something apart. Here we see Kevin’s finger showing a significant amount of sludge. Now we have to find the source of the leak.

Our customer requested a complete restoration, including a Sherman Step Up Overdrive transmission to be installed. This would involve splitting the tractor, not an easy task, as we see in this photo.

We had to locate a Sherman Step-Up Transmission, and have it shipped from Illinois. We then disassembled and overhauled it with new seals, bearings, and gaskets. Overdrive will go.

Now that we had accomplished the Serman installation, it was time to concentrate on the rest of the mechanical issues. Rebuilding the carburetor, testing, and repairing the starter and generator. Inspecting the wiring, replacing or repairing any other components.

The entire chassis was stripped of sheet metal and attaching parts. This grill depicts the condition the sheet metal was in. Moderate rust, and dents, but it was still pretty solid. All the sheet metal required extensive sandblasting and hand sanding.

It takes many man hours to achieve a proper surface for a quality paint job. It took a total of over 58 hours to refinish this tractor. This does not include bodywork and sheet metal repairs. Although it takes a lot of time to prepare, the finished product speaks for itself.

Fortunately, the fuel tank was in relatively good condition. The inside was not rusted, and we didn’t find any holes.

The fenders were solid and repairable. They were completely stripped. Unnecessary holes were welded closed, and dents were repaired.