1957 Ferguson TO35 Deluxe

Another antique tractor is here for repairs as needed, tractor restoration and painting. A 1957 Ferguson TO35 Deluxe from Cortland, New York, and is a “one owner tractor.”

Before any of the painting can start, some minor repairs are required. The clutch disc spines were rusty and not disengaging from the transmission shaft, resulting in the grinding of gears and shifting hard, and the PTO fingers were out of adjustment. The brakes were cleaned and greased and then a complete service job was performed.

The rear tires were removed and replaced with a set of temporary wheels while the repairs were made. Calcium was pumped out, layers of rust removed, the old valve stem holes were patched and finally, a new hole was drilled.

These hubs, dash, and fuel tank were painted red at the same time as the rims. When dry, we covered the red parts and sprayed the remaining tractor with Massey Ferguson Flint Gray paint.

These rims were dry, but this red just shines like no other.

the tractor was completed in this picture except for its hood and fenders. Rick is sanding the bodywork before a coat of primer is applied, then sanded once again, and finally painted with Massey Ferguson red paint.

These rims were dry, but this red just shines like no other.

The owner had the original lights, which were removed years ago, and are finally back in place on this antique tractor.

After attaching the homemade bumper on the front and a new seat, this Massey Ferguson tractor will go back to work this spring with the mower attached and the original owner on its seat.