International 544

In October 2017 this tractor restoration of a 1968 International 544 SN 10775 began. The 544 has a 4 cylinder D-239 Diesel engine with a 3.875” bore and a 5.060” stroke which produces 57 hp. The original sale price was $7,500 and 13,000 tractors rolled off the line between 1968 and 1973. The IH 544 came with 14.9-28 tires and the ground clearance is 18” on the front axle, whereas, the Farmall 544 has a 13.6-38 tires and ground clearance is only 13”. This tractor is on a crop farm in the rural community of Castle Creek New York, 185 miles west of New York City. The restoration was quite extensive including rebuilding the engine, torque amplifier, remote control valves. All tractor parts were purchased thru Kuhn’s and our many suppliers.