John Deere 4020 High Crop

This well-used tractor was used daily in the fields of Florida, and now has been restored to its original green glory.

The only tin left on this tractor was the severely damaged hood, front side shields and the side screens. Everything else had rusted away from years of fertilizer and chemical spraying. The fenders had been substituted with some crude homemade replacements

The motor and transmission were found to be in good working order and there were many missing components and controls, and the components that were present needed repair.

The hydraulic remotes leaked, and the seat and suspension system needed to be completely rebuilt. The foot throttle had been torched off, maybe to remove the floor or who knows why really, so a replacement had to be found along with many other parts

This John Deere is now ready for the painting process after being sandblasted and is now ready for one coat of tinted green primer and three coats on the tin.

The tractor is covered while the tin is being primed and sanded. Used fenders for a 4020 high crop were not available so new John Deere 420 replacement fenders were modified by reducing their height and bolting on a base plate.

A porta power is being used to push out the front of the hood to its correct dimensions and spreader bars help in obtaining the correct width. A body hammer is used to straighten out the front edge.

Bob is checking to make sure the shape of the hood is kept true by using templates he made from another hood.

Possibly a building had fallen on this John Deere 4020 smashing the hood down into the radiator.

Someone had attempted to hammer out the dents with a big hammer causing a very bumpy surface, so bondo will now smooth out this hood.

The hood now gets a coat of “Fill in Primer”, and another sanding. The final coat of primer is tinted green which cuts down on the amount of paint required. Finally, the surface is sanded with 400 grit paper which will remove all sanding marks.