John Deere 440I

This John Deere 440 I tractor, with a loader model 71, was brought to us from Huntington, NY in 2002. It was completed in 2003. The owner is a collector of John Deere Industrial Tractors.

While the tractor was in our shop, there were many repairs made. The main things needed to be worked on were the hydraulics and the power steering. We also repaired/replaced many hydraulic hoses, connecting rod bearings, put on all new seals and boots, and a new seat. The bucket needed to be straightened out from a big dent.

The painting was rough when we received it. The cast iron needed to be smoothed out as it was pitted from rust. All new decals were placed on the newly painted tractor. When it was all complete it looked like a “new” tractor!

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