John Deere 820

This 1969 3 cylinder John Deere 820 tractor, serial number 032919, is from Bedford Hills, in West Chester County, New York. This tractor is used to mow pastures, along with his John Deere 2510.

We replaced the clutch, rear main seal, rock shaft seals, repaired the seat adjuster, cowl side panels and the clutch pedal. We cleaned and relined the gas tank, cleaned the hydraulic inlet screen, and adjusted the valves.

The rims were badly damaged when someone had changed the tires, and we had to repair and weld the rims before they could be painted.

this tractor came in close contact with a tree and pushed the front support, hood and gas tank backwards. Everything needed to be moved forward, creating plenty of tin repairs and re-alignment of the hood’s seams.

Almost 20 years ago, the owner purchased a spare hood from John Deere. We were able to use these hood measurements to make changes. The cardboard templates represent the correct shape of the hood.

After two months of repairs, this John Deere tractor is prepped for painting. The types of paint we choose to use are John Deere green and yellow and a top clear coat.