1925 John Deere D

This is a 1925 John Deere D with serial number 35034. The tractor I from Cherry Valley NY. Our customer has been working on it for many years prior to him bringing it to our shop here in Oxford. Therefore, we only had to make final minor repairs before it would be brought into the painting area.

This tractor is equipped with a side PTO. This original design was used from 1925 to 1929 and was discontinued since there were so many problems with the functionality. The design was changed in 1930. This John Deere D had one of only 5 ever installed on a John Deere tractor and this is the only one known left in existence.

When the transmission case was opened up, we chuckled when we saw a big chisel laying in the bottom of the transmission.

The picture, below right, the arrow shows the direction you would turn the axle to tighten the drive chains.

The front axle had been broken and the original axle shield was missing, but fortunately, the owner was able to locate a used one. The front wheels gave us quite a bit of trouble. The wheel bearings were shot and we were unable to locate any bearings that would fit the axle, so once again our customer came through and was able to find a used wheel with the bearing that was in good shape. The steering support was welded, and the steering shaft was repaired & adjusted. A new water control rod was fabricated, and the air filter pipe was soldered. With the hand clutch controls that lock the clutch in over-center, the keyway wouldn’t travel far enough to engage or disengage so we oversized the keyway, and installed a larger key so it would function properly. The radiator was also re-cored.

Finally, this old antique tractor was given our special love and attention with our custom-tinted primer. When we use this primer, we can use less paint than it would otherwise take to cover a normal gray primer. Finally, it was painted with one coat of John Deere base paint and followed by two coats of clear.

This John Deere D tractor had the only factory-installed “KW Lighting Magnetizer” serial number 123628.

Once the weather breaks here in New York, we will drive this old beauty outside to get some better-finished photos.

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