1925 John Deere D

The D had the longest run of any model of John Deere tractor, the styled and unstyled versions ran from March 1, 1923 until July 3, 1953. Serial numbers 31321 through 31412 are not model Ds, but are Waterloo Boy Ns which were built after model D production had begun.

This John Deere D Serial Number 35034 has been a personal project of the owner in his own shop for a few years. It was brought to us here in Upstate New York this winter to complete the final repairs and painting.

This tractor is equipped with the earliest version of the Power Shaft (the predecessor of the P.T.O.).

With the differential exposed you can see the chains and gears that drive the 2 forward and reverse gears. The gear shift quadrant specifies it as High, Low and Rev.

(Above Right) On each side of the differential in the castings are arrows directing you which way to tightened the drive chain.

(Below left) The largest lever is the clutch operating lever, and the two smaller levers are the speed control and spark control levers.

(Above Right) We opened up the differential in order to install the water feed lever.

(Below Right) We adjusted the parking brake lever on left side of tractor.

This tractor came with front corn rims, but the casting number were not correct for this tractor. We have the rims in the drill press ready to drill holes to accept the new rubber (pictured below).

We will post more pictures as this antique tractor restoration continues.