1961 Massey Ferguson 85

This 1961 Massey Ferguson Tractor, SN 808484, is a family tractor from the Hudson River Region of New York. Parts for this old girl in some cases was quite hard to find, including many gaskets, therefore the search for used replacements were our only choice.

We repaired the exhaust system, replaced the brakes, final drive seals, transmission input seal & repaired PTO leaks. Fluids in the rear axle and transmission along with the filters were replaced. The engine was in good running condition only needing the rear crankshaft seal and adjusting of the valves.

The power steering unit was rebuilt and (2) new power steering pressure hoses were fabricated. We repaired the steering shaft & arms and replaced the inner tie rods and front wheel seals.

The fuel tank had been previously lined, but the lining was coming loose and needed to be done again. If the tank is not toughly cleaned this can cause this issue

The fuel tank did not fit in properly, as well as the grill and hood. Many hours were spent welding and straightening to make these item fit well. Finally the sheet metal and tractor were painted with Massey Ferguson Red Paint & Flint Grey Metallic paint and finished off with a clear coat of shine and protection.

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