MHS045 Radiator Cap, Fuel Cap

MHS045 Radiator Cap, Fuel Cap
MHS045 Radiator Cap, Fuel CapMHS045 Radiator/Fuel Cap
Price: $14.99
Item Number: MHS045

MHS045 Radiator Cap, Fuel Cap With Gasket

Allis Chalmers - Fits: B ((Radiator Cap) Correct for B to SN 101. Will fit to SN:61222, but ACS172 is the correct cap.), C ((Radiator Cap) Will fit to SN:18580, but ACS172 is the correct cap.); Replaces: 206459, 70206459

Case - Fits: [ V, VA, VAC, VAC-11, VAC-12, VAC-13, VAC-14, VAH, VAI, VAIW, VAIW-3, VAO, VAO-15, VAS, VC, VI, VO (Radiator Cap) ]; Replaces: G13271

Cockshutt - Fits: [ Cockshutt: 20, 30, 40, 50 (Radiator Cap) ]; Replaces: T8754

Fits John Deere - 50 (Fuel cap for SN: 5018450 & up), [ 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, 730 (Fuel cap) ], 60 (Fuel cap for SN: 6035350 & up), 70 (Fuel cap for Gas models (SN: 7012350 & up) and fuel cap for all Diesel models); Replaces: AF2914R, AT20911, ATR28483 - This is the only correct fuel cap on the market for John Deere as it is not vented. Are you tired of gas sloshing on your hood? Try our original style unvented cap.---When used as a radiator cap it is only for non-pressurized system. Must have vented fuel tank to use this cap, make sure vent in tank is not plugged.

Massey Harris - Fits: [ Colt (21), Mustang (23), 20, 22, 81 (Radiator Cap) ], Pony (Radiator Cap, Early (up to sn PGA2957)), [ 101 Jr, 101 Sr, 102 Jr, 102 Sr (Radiator Cap, Early ) ]; Replaces: 14628A

It measures 1.761 tang length, 2.710" inside diameter. The tang width is .399". The tang is from the center of the cap out.

Do you need a replacement gasket Use MHS043GK Gasket