Minneapolis Moline UTU Gas Model

We have in the shop an antique Minneapolis Moline and a special request made by the owner that you will notice as the restoration progresses. Some tractors are just meant to be driven at the summer tractor parades, and this is one of those tractors.

Last year a truck rammed into the front end damaging the grill, and radiator and twisting the hood. We re-cored the radiator using parts from two radiators, and we had two hoods to choose from. Bob and Ken have decided that the hood that was not hit by the truck would make a better restoration hood.

The hood that was used needed to be patched and had a break in the right door, with a chunk missing from next to the muffler. The necessary repairs are made and will be invisible when this hood is complete.

Before the tractor can be moved into the painting room, necessary repairs were made, including an overheating problem, tuning up the ignition system and adjusting the timing. Finally, the rear and front axle seals and brakes were replaced.

The tractor and tin are now ready to be sandblasted. This stage of the restoration gives you the quality finishes some people are after. This preparation step adds more to the bottom line, but the results are quite obvious.

The calcium has damaged these rear rims, so new rims, tubes & tires will be mounted after the tractor is ready to be moved out.

Wheels, lugs, hubs and the front rims have been painted with Minneapolis Moline Cherry Red. Painting them before the tractor gives them time to be well cured before re-installation.

Now standing ready, for the last few steps of this restoration is the sanding, priming and painting. Each step is performed by Rick and Bob with the quality workmanship and professionalism that Kuhn’s Equipment Repair is known for.

The painting of the prairie gold is complete, and the wheels are put back on and moved to the storage area. We can now turn our attention to the hood, grill, and fenders.

This fender’s rolled edge needs repaired, along with the rust on both fenders. Very little bondo was needed for this Minneapolis Moline tractor.

If you have not noticed yet in these pictures of this Minneapolis Moline, red flake was used on the cherry parts and gold flake to the prairie gold. This tractor really sparkles.