1959 OLIVER 770

We were commissioned in 2010 by a customer to pick up his antique tractor for restoration, an Oliver 770 from his home in Tyrone PA. The tractor is from 1959 with a Serial Number of 82721.

A great deal of labor was focused on this tractor. The tractor had oil pressure issues. The old reading was (10 psi @ idle and 25 psi @ high temp rpm). We replaced the engine oil with 20W50, the oil pressure switch and oil relief spring and rechecked. Our reading now ran at a (10 psi @ hot idle and 30 psi @ hot high rpm).

We replaced all tie rod ends & tubes and the toe-in was set. The rear axle seals and bearing shims were replaced along with the front & rear tires and tubes.

We replaced the generator and regulator, a complete engine and light wiring harnesses were installed, and new headlights, taillight, and a work light.

In the governor the stop linkage was repaired & the bumper springs were modified.

The seat was sandblasted & rebuilt, and the radiator was re-cored.

Next came the painting! We spent 3-1/2 hours rebuilding the grill screens. The sheet metal was in pretty nice shape and only needed minor body work. We billed 86 + hours to sand, prime, paint & clear the Oliver 770 Tractor. When we took this 770 back home, she looked as good as new

If you are interested in having your favorite antique tractor restored and have questions, contact Kuhn's Equipment and Tractor Repair Services in Oxford, NY. We only use the best quality parts available and the utmost eye on detail.