1953 John Deere 50

This is a 1953 John Deere 50 SN 5016023. This antique tractor came to us back in 2013 from Exeter, Rhode Island.

We ran the tractor on the dyno at 28 hp and then ran a compression test. This told us that the cylinder head needed a valve job with new valve guides. We did replace a set of piston rings on one piston. The carburetor was rebuilt, re-cored the radiator, and replaced the radiator hoses. There was a leak in the upper water pipe, so we replaced the top and bottom water pipes and o-rings, and radiator overflow hose. The tractor was given a tune-up with new points, roto, and distributor cap. If we come across an original condenser, we will always keep it as long as it is working correctly, as the new ones are never as good as the original equipment. We did install new grease fittings on the front & rear axle and the shift lever was also repaired.

We always fabricate & install a tow hook on any of the restorations. After spending so much time and money, it would be a shame to cuff off the paint while transporting

This hood had been smashed pretty well, and the previous repairs that were attempted were by filling in with filler. We had to remove all this filler before we used our jig and the porta power to bend it into the correct shape.

Bob spent 5-1/2 hours welding and straightening the hood on this John Deere 50, then another 9 hours filling dings before we applied the primer.

Once this John Deere was painted it went home in the spring of 2014.

In 2017 we painted this customer’s John Deere A. I will be posting pictures of this restoration soon

If you are interested in having your favorite antique tractor restored and have questions, contact Kuhn's Equipment and Tractor Repair Services in Oxford, NY. We only use the best quality parts available and the utmost eye for detail.