1945 John Deere L

In 2020 from Marlboro, New Jersey we had a 1945 John Deere LA with a one-bottom plow in the shop for restoration. This antique tractor was in exceptional shape so the actual painting was a fairly straightforward project.

We did rebuild the starter, generator, and carburetor. We re-lined the fuel tank, re-cored the radiator, and replaced the fuel sediment bowl and the lower seal in the steering box.

Once any leaks and necessary repairs were completed, we could turn our attention to the painting. Any dents are hammered out of the sheet metal, sandblasted, and then repaired. We do not believe in sandblasting an entire tractor as sand gets in the oil seals. We apply paint remover to the chassis which also will remove any leftover grease. The sheet metal can then be primed and sanded. We then store the sheet metal in a safe place for a month or so as the primer will shrink which will cause the paint to shrink.

If you are interested in having your favorite antique tractor restored and have questions, contact Kuhn's Equipment and Tractor Repair Services in Oxford, NY. We only use the best quality parts available and the utmost eye for detail.